Cinema One: A Popcorn Story | Marketplace Cinemas - Winston Salem, NC

Cinema One: A Popcorn Story


 Cinema One: A Popcorn Story! 
Shot by our staff here at MPCWS... We were such fans of Rogue One, We decided to do what they do to every Star Wars movie... Make a prequel!!! *This cut ran right before 'Rogue One' played on the big screen in our theater*

Please enjoy... 



Many easter eggs in this video.... How many can you spot? 

Filmed By the Staff of Marketplace Cinemas 

Directed by Zack Fox 
VFX by Chris Scarlette 
Hair and Make Up Christine Archenbronn
Produced by Sammie Cassell 

Starring Kaitlyn Archenbronn 

Special Thanks to...
Shane Willey 
Sammie Cassell
Dean Jones
The Original Hollywood Horror Show  
Lucid Digital 
George Lucas, Felicity Jones, Michael Giacchino, Greig Fraser, Gareth Edwards and 
The Rest of the Entire Star Wars Universe for inspiring us and other filmmakers to make content and starve for filming greatness!


This is a Fan Film, Any and All Rights Reserved to Respective Owners of Star Wars